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Contact us: Avoyelles Commission of Tourism

8592 Hwy. 1  Mansura, LA 71350 

(800) 833-4195

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Avoyelles Parish, in central Louisiana, takes its name from Avoyels Indians, and we commemorate our Native American as well as French Creole heritage. The abundant wildlife and many waterways make this a hunting, fishing and birdwatching paradise, year-round. A thriving agriculture industry beacons foodie travelers for authentic Louisiana cuisine. Casino action boasts a different kind of wildlife, and a variety of accommodations make for a comfortable stay as you explore.


The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism is responsible for the administration of programs and initiatives related to culture, recreation and/or tourism. The Department shall promote and encourage tourism in Avoyelles Parish. Said duties shall include, but not limited to, any and all actions necessary to carry out the functions of the department.

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